Leadership Development is for Everyone.

Why Leadership Development?

LDI, Leader Development Institute, is a ministry of Hope Community Church specifically designed to equip all followers of Christ to explore and grow their leadership skills for service both inside and outside of the church.

Developing Imperfect leaders

The Developing Imperfect Leaders podcast is intended to develop imperfect people into better leaders. None of us are perfect, fully-realized people, which is why leadership development exists in the first place! Since we are NOT Jesus, we all have room for growth in our lives and we need help along the way.

As followers of Jesus, we never stop growing.

Leadership Development is for everyone at Hope. As followers of Jesus, we never stop growing in our biblical thinking, Christ-like character, and ministry skills. These classes, seminars, retreats, and internships have been designed to help you go further in your discipleship journey.

Build a firm foundation of faith for all of life.

Internships with LDI are an opportunity for you to build a firm foundation of faith for all of life as well as pursue a career in vocational ministry.