The Developing Imperfect Leaders podcast is intended to develop imperfect people into better leaders. None of us are perfect, fully-realized people, which is why leadership development exists in the first place! Since we are NOT Jesus, we all have room for growth in our lives and we need help along the way. Therefore, each episode is designed to help anyone to become a better leader by examining a provocative question on a relevant leadership topic, looking at quotes from beneficial resources, and thinking through the practical application for growing in our  imperfect leadership. If you are a perfect person who has life, relationships, and leadership all figured out, then this podcast is NOT for you. But, if you are someone who loves learning, growing, and improving. then this is something you’ll enjoy and benefit from.

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I grew up in Maple Grove, Minnesota and never once saw a grove of maple trees. After overcoming that deciduously-driven disappointment and persevering to graduate from high school, I attended the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities where I studied Geography and Psychology. In the late Fall of 1995 I clearly understood the gospel for the first time. Absolute relief from the weight of my sin being taken by Jesus is what I remember most about that time. Upon getting involved in campus ministry, I got stuck in a carpool with, among others, a random guy from St. Paul campus. A few year later I married that guy, who, fortunately enough, no longer seemed all that random. We presently live in Columbia Heights, Minnesota and have three young adult children who love Jesus and have brilliant senses of humor. I’ve worked at Hope Community Church since the Spring of 2007, serving in many roles along the way. I am currently the Senior Director of the Leadership Development Institute, Small Groups and Hope on Campus. From God working in others to help me grow, to being a parent, to working with a host of interns, I LOVE leadership development and I am excited to see God’s kingdom grown through young leaders. Feel free to email me at

On March 1st of 2015 in a creaky upper pew in the West building of Hope Community Church, I put my faith in Jesus Christ after a long 26 years of failing at my attempted self-salvation project. I stuck around the Twin Cities after graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2009 with a degree in advertising. In 2014, I signed up to become a reading tutor in an elementary school and shortly thereafter I met Allison, who would help lead me to Christ and then become my wife in July of 2016. We’ve lived in Saint Paul ever since, enjoying its food, lakes, and our church – Hope Community Church Lowertown, which we joined as it launched in the fall of 2017. In 2017, I also joined Hope as a full time intern> In the LDI program I fell in love with leadership development, church planting, and sharing the good news of Jesus through teaching and mentoring. My wife Allison and I are hoping to plant a church in the fall of 2024. In my free time I love to hang with our two sons, go fishing, do yard work, and overstress about house projects. I’d love to meet you, so feel free to email me:

I am a Minnesota native, growing up south of the river in Eagan. After graduating high school, I decided to take my education out east, to Eau Claire, WI where I studied Kinesiology. As a dedicated Packer Fan, this worked out well as I got to celebrate the Packer’s domination of the 2011 Superbowl with fellow green and yellow fans. Months later, in April 2011 I heard the gospel clearly for the first time at an Easter service. After college, the Lord grew a passion in me for the local church, which led me to pursue LDI in 2015. After church service in March 2018, I was doing a walk-through in the building and continued to notice a guy in each room I entered. Just before I left, he approached me and asked if he could take me on a date. His boldness is what sold me and I said yes. 51 weeks later, we were married. We currently live in Richfield and have two daughters. Outside of spending time with the family, I enjoy gardening in our backyard, spending time with close friends or reading a good book. The Lord has used the local church to cultivate a sweet love for him. Through my work in LDI and at Hope, I’m eager to, by God’s grace, provide that opportunity for others.