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Biblical Theology

The goals of this class are:

1) Learn how the practice of biblical theology has developed throughout history, from the early church to modern day, and to understand it in relation to other theological disciplines (e.g. systematic theology).

2) Gain experience in using Scripture to interpret itself, moving past the limitations of grammatico-historical interpretive theory (issues surrounding genre type, original historical context, authorial intent, etc.).

3) Practice reading the Bible from a gospel-centered perspective and equip the student for a lifetime of rewarding Bible study.

Credits: 1.5
Class Length: 10 Weeks
Pillar: Biblical Thinking
Cost: $125
Recurrence: Every spring semester
Prerequisites: None

God Doesn’t Waste Pain & Suffering

Do you avoid the news because you are tired of hearing about all of the pain and turmoil in the world? Are there trials in your own life that rattle you and change the way you think about God? The band R.E.M. sang the words, “Everybody hurts sometimes” and that couldn’t be more true because suffering is a part of life that we all share. Suffering impacts us to our core and can cause us to question, doubt, cry out, or isolate. In a world that tends to limit, avoid, or ignore suffering we need a way to face suffering with a spiritual power that offers us real hope and peace, not just the escape of material comforts. This seminar is for anyone who hurts, and it will help you develop a theology of suffering that helps you see the beauty of Jesus and cling to faith no matter what trials you face.

Date: Tuesday, March 26th
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Questions: ldi@hopecc.com