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The first step in growing in self-awareness is admitting we all have room to grow in our self-awareness. In this episode, the team discusses our need for gospel friends to help us on our journey toward healthy emotional intelligence. 

Each episode features a quote of the week, big takeaways, and a Growing Together segment geared at imperfect leaders who are seeking development in their leadership potential. 

Quote of the Week:
“We lead more out of who we are than out of what we do, strategic or otherwise. If we fail to recognize that who we are on the inside informs every aspect of our leadership, we will do damage to ourselves and to those we lead.”—Emotionally Healthy Leadership, Pete Scazzero

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Host & Guests

  • Paul Stiver
  • Naty Severson
  • Kaelyn Larson

Sound Engineer – Austin Sego
Technical support – Nolan Bauer