In this episode, the team recaps season one, by talking through a questions.

Question 1: What was your favorite topic from season one and why?
Question 2: What was the topic you felt was most important to consider this season?
Question 3: We always like to be up front about the fact that we are imperfect leaders who have room for growth and further development. What was an “imperfection” in your leadership (an area of opportunity for growth for you personally) that emerged throughout the recording of these episodes?
Question 4: What is something that has surprised or excited you about undertaking this podcast project?
Question 5: What is something that you are looking forward to as we look ahead to season two and more leadership topics to discuss?

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Host & Guests

  • Paul Stiver
  • Naty Severson
  • Kaelyn Larson

Sound Engineer – Austin Sego
Technical support – Nolan Bauer