In this week’s episode the LDI team dives into questions surrounding the topic of failure. How do we even begin to define failure? Why are most of us so obsessed (knowingly or unknowingly) with failure? How are our desires for comfort and ease tied to our fear of failure and decision making? How do we overcome our often paralyzing fear of failure and begin to follow God with confidence in our decision making?

Each episode features a quote of the week, big takeaways, and a Growing Together segment geared at imperfect leaders who are seeking development in their leadership potential. 

Quote of the Week:
“We’ve assumed that we’ll experience heaven on earth, and then we get disappointed when earth seems so unheavenly. We have little longing left for our reward in the next life because we’ve come to expect such rewarding experiences in this life. And when every experience and situation must be rewarding and put us on the road to complete fulfillment, then suddenly the decisions about where we live, what house we buy, what dorm we’re in, and whether we go with tile or laminate take on weighty significance.” —Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung

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Host & Guests

  • Paul Stiver
  • Naty Severson
  • Kaelyn Larson

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