Each episode features a leading question, quote of the week, and a Growing Together segment geared at imperfect leaders who are seeking development in their leadership potential.

In this episode, the team discusses the wise intake of information and advice from social media. Amidst carefully curated, influencer heavy social media content, what are we supposed to take away? 

Quote of the Week:
“What we spend our time looking at greatly affects what we’re thinking about. Everyone knows what it’s like to have negative thoughts while online. One woman might be anxious and worried after reading a friend’s update on her sick family member. A different woman may feel lonely after seeing a group photo of a social gathering posted online. Another woman might doubt the validity of God’s Word on a particular subject because a popular influencer has a new view and everyone seems to agree.

“What we see on social media affects how we think. It also affects how we view others. It’s important for each of us to consider—in what ways am I negatively affected by social media? Who invites me toward folly? So often, our thoughts lead us to temptation. Spending time on social media can tempt us toward discontentment, unkind judgments, bitterness, or envy of someone’s possessions or accomplishments.

“As you think about your own areas of temptation, consider how social media influences your struggle. Discernment is not avoidance of the world; it’s the ability to go into the world and embrace the good while avoiding the bad.” —Melissa Kruger, What Social Media Users Need, The Gospel Coalition

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Host & Guests

  • Paul Stiver
  • Naty Severson
  • Kaelyn Larson

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